Powertrain Battery Test Solutions


Powertrain Battery
Test Solutions


SANWOOD climate chamber plays a major role. It provides the possibility of testing under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, similar to the conditions that a battery may encounter during its lifetime.
Nowadays, there are many electronic products in our daily life, including smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices, laptop computers, household robots, etc. Rechargeable batteries (mainly lithium-ion batteries) have been widely used in such products. Battery and product manufacturers have greater demands for battery safety testing. Strictly check the battery testing. They should ensure that the battery is qualified before delivery to the customer.Lithium ion battery testing.


Regarding automotive battery testing solutions, SANWOOD is committed to providing reliable and comprehensive solutions for consumer battery safety test equipment, and comply with IEC62133, UN38.3 and UL1642 standards. Including mechanical, electrical and temperature environmental testing.


Regarding the battery vibration dynamics testing, the VIBRATION system has the characteristics of large force, high cooling efficiency, strong carrying capacity, and strong guiding ability, which is suitable for large sample testing. Typical application areas are railway transportation, ships, automobiles, aerospace, military and defense, etc.
The choice of vibration system depends on sample size, required load, required maximum overturning moment and test conditions.

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