Walk-in Battery Temperature Explosion Proof Test Solution

Walk-in Battery Temperature Explosion Proof Test Solution
Battery Temperature
Explosion Proof Test Solution

Battery Pack Testing

Battery Pack Testing

Walk-in chamber for battery pack testing
For battery pack testing, SANWOOD can provide a custom-designed walk-in test chambers to test one or more battery packs.
On the basis of previous successful projects, SANWOOD can be customized according to the footprint, performance and other safety equipment to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Environmental chambers are available from small benchtop chambers for testing small battery cells to large walk-in chambers for testing large battery packs. Temperatures range from -70°C to +150°C with an optional humidity range as low as 20% to 95%. Sizes are available from small benchtop units to large walk-in chamber. 

Test standards
UN 38.3,TIEC 62660-1,SAE J2464,IEC 60086-4,UL 1642,IEC 61960,IEC 62133,UL 2054,
IEEE 1625,IEEE 1725



-Useful internal volume: 1000L~34M³
-Temperature range: -70/+180°C
-RH range: between 20 and 95%

 Accessories to comply with Hazard Levels 0~6:
- Battery surface temperature monitoring
-Video monitoring device 
-Optical /acoustic alarm 
-Sampling system for test room monitoring
-Intake and exhaust device
-Oxygen, H2, CO monitoring sensors
-Pressure relief blow-out port

Walk-in Battery Temperature Explosion Proof Test Solution
Refrigeration System

Refrigeration System

  • In the process of cooling, from 150℃ we just turn on the first compressor, when the temperature down to 17℃, the second compressor will start to work.In this way, we not only can guarantee the cooling rate, but also energy saving, and extend the life of the compressor.
  • Compressors equipped with world famous brand such as Tecumseh (France made), Bitzer or GEA BOCK (Germany made).
  • Shock absorption and noise reduction process,slow down the vibration, protect the compressor.The new pipe bending technology: The bending process can minimize the connector point and make refrigerant flow more efficiently.
  • It applies Denmark DANFOSS and Japanese SAGLNOMIYA solenoid valves to improve the overall reliability of the equipment.
Electrical System

Electrical System

  • Equipped with internal power supply system, which is convenient for supplying power for testing samples, voltage is 220 Volts.
  • Our circuits are arranged in accordance with UK standards and are equipped with complete circuit diagrams. Each line has a unique code, which is clearly defined and easy to locate for troubleshooting.
  • Our chambers equipped with four pressure meter, customers can easily to check the pressure of the compressors.
  • We use electrical components of world famous brands, such as Schneider from France,Carlo Gavazzi from Switzerland,Mitsubishi from Japan,Rainbow from Korea.



Temperature Temperature range -70℃~150℃(+15℃) (A:0℃~150℃;B:-20℃~150℃;C:-40℃~150℃;D:-70℃~150℃)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5
Cooling rate 150.0℃~25.0℃ Cooling rate 2.0~3.0℃/min
25.0℃~-40.0℃ Cooling rate 1.0~2.0℃/min
-40.0℃~-70.0℃ Cooling rate0.7~1.5℃/min
Heating rate 25℃→+100℃/within 25 mins(with standard load)
Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃ (-40.0℃~80.0℃) 
±2.5℃ (-40.0℃~-65.0℃)
Humdiity Humidity control range 20.0%RH~95.0%RH
Humidity fluctuation ±1.5% RH
Humidity uniformity ±3.0%RH 
Material Internal material Stainess steel(SUS304)
External material Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying
 Heat insulating material 100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral wool
Fan Centrifugal blower
Compressor Semi-closed Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer
Condenser Water-cooled
Refrigerant R404A、R23、R508
Evaporator Fin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger 
Heater Nickel chromium alloy heating wire 
Humidifier Steam humidifier 
Options Standard configuration ∅100MM pressure relief port, 4 explosion-prood chains
Multipoint temperature
Adopts Sanwood developed controller, which can be used to acquire surface temperature points of multiple products
C02 fire extinguisher Automatic fire extinguishing and automatic shutdown of the machine to protect the equipment from burning
C0, H2 gas detector When the battery will produce gas, it will detect gas solubility and discharge to outdoor when it exceeds the standard
Exhaust valve When the test sample produces harmful gas, ventilate and exhaust internally
Size  Interior size(mm)
1970*2100*1970 3020*2100*1970 4070*2100*1970 3020*2100*4070 4070*2100*4070 5120*2100*4070
Outer size(mm)
2170*2350*3500 3220*2350*3500 4270*2350*3500 4650*2350*4270 5720*2350*4270 5320(*2350*6150
Volume(m³) 8.0m³ 12.0m³ 16.0m³ 25.0m³ 34.0m³ 40.0m³
Power supply 380V AC  50/60Hz  
Controller Adopts Sanwood developed controller, which can be used to acquire surface temperature points of multiple products

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