Battery Test Solutions


The UN38.3 standard is mainly for air transportation. In order to ensure the safety of air transportation, the International Aviation Association has formulated the operation specification of rechargeable lithium battery, namely UN38.3 test. The test items of UN38.3 are: temperature cycling test chamber, battery crush test chamber, temperature control battery short circuit test chamber, heavy impact tester, altitude simulation test chamber, shock test system, vibration test system, servo computer battery crush tester. These are simulated conditions that may occur at high altitude.


The scope of application of the IEC 62133 standard is the rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion, and lithium polymer batteries that we commonly use in portable electronic and electrical products, such as mobile phones, cameras, notebook computers, etc. There are many kinds of IEC62133 standard tests, so a complete set of battery test chamber is required. SANWOOD prepares all the test chambers that meet the IEC62133 standard for you: thermal abuse test chamber, servo computer battery crush tester, battery internal short-circuit tester, vibration test system, shock test system, battery drop tester, temperature control battery short circuit test chamber, battery crush test chamber, temperature cycling test chamber.

Vehicle Test Solutions

MAST Vibration Environmental Simulation Chamber

  • The MAST system combined with an environmental chamber with infrared simulation can simulate the performance of automotive components in extreme temperature and humidity as well as vibration environments;
  • Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~+100℃;
  • Humidity range: 10% to 98% RH;
  • Special chamber shock absorption and sound insulation design, reducing the impact of vibration devices on the environmental chamber;
  • Optional: Infrared Simulation System
  • Optional: Test piece lifting system;
  • Optional: Chamber scavenging system

Environment Simulation Chamber for Vehicle Testing

  • Drive-in Climatic Chamber
  • Environment Simulation Chamber for Vehicle Testing
  • The walk-in environment simulation chamber is widely used in automobiles, metrology and testing, aerospace and defense industries;
    It has high reliability requirements, wide temperature and humidity range, comprehensive environmental parameters and complicated test conditions. The operator can enter the laboratory to operate the test article; It provides conditions for temperature and humidity environmental testing for batch or large parts, semi-finished products and finished products of industrial manufacturers.

Sunlight and Infrared Simulation Environmental

Drive-in Solar Simulation
The full spectrum solar simulation chamber meets DIN75220, BMW standard PR306.5 and Audi standard VDA230-219;
Simulate extreme weather in South Florida and Arizona with a solar (infrared) simulation chamber to measure the gaps in parts after exposure and visual inspection to assess the resistance of automotive components to exposure; vehicle or automotive parts experience the combination of sunlight and temperature and humidity to simulate the change of the sun exposure in reality;
Temperature range: -40°C~+80°C;
Humidity range: 10%~95% R.H.

Road Simulation Environmental Test Chamber

  • The four-column test chamber allows structural durability, noise and driving comfort testing.
  • The four-columns can be positioned by the driver to set the different track and wheelbase of the vehicle automatically.
  • The test chamber provides appropriate muffling processing to reproduce tests and abnormal noise evaluations under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Temperature range: -40℃ ~ +100℃;
  • Humidity range: 10% ~ 95% R.H;

Vehicle VOC Test Chamber

The Vehicle VOC Test Chamber Can Meet The Following Test Standards:
Temperature range: +20℃~+40℃;
Humidity range: 40%~60% R.H.
<<ISO/FDIS 12219-1:2011(E)>>, <<PV3938>>, <<JAMA>>, <<HT400-2007>>;
Independent top infrared irradiation system control and four independent irradiation systems (PV3938);
Specially designed return air system meets low wind speed requirements;
Equipped with fresh air supply and exhaust gas extraction system to meet the test conditions of automotive air conditioning (ISO and JAMA)


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