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SANWOOD service engineer just finished walk in chamber, xenon chamber, temperature humidity chamber, Fast temperature change chamber installation and training in UL(Underwriters Laboratories) last week, our online and on
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    The 40 feet container with battery test chamber The 40 feet container with battery test chamber is mainly using as a mobile testing facility to run the relevant environmental reliability test for the EV batteries while the end user can integrate some other testing instruments together to make a full testing facility for end user. Apply to mobile test facility of battery units to simulate environmental conditions
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    The selection of reliability environmental test chambers should follow the following five basic principles:   First, the reproducibility of environmental conditions: It is impossible to achieve a complete and accurate reproduction of the environmental conditions existing in nature in the laboratory. However, within a certain tolerance range, people can accurately and approximately simulate the external env
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    In the process of using the salt spray test chamber, safety comes first, so what are the safety common senses of the salt spray test chamber? The following is a simple analysis. 1. The shell of the salt spray test chamber must be grounded during installation. If the test chamber is not grounded, there will be a risk of electric shock if the test chamber leaks.  2.  Do not run the equipment before the
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    We back to work today , new year start with new oppotunities and new hope, thank you for your strong support and trust in us , we will keep improving our product and service ! Realiability test equipment , climatic chamber , Battery test equipment etc , feel free to contact us if you need any of testing equipments.
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    Dear Distinguished Clients & Valued Partners:   As New Year of 2021 already began and we're going to embrace our Chinese New Year holiday, Our break off schedule is as below: Close at Feb.8th,2021; Resume at Feb.19st,2021; Looking forward to a Prosperous & Productive New Year of 2021 and wishing you all the best! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Sincerel
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    Sanwood provided a series of customized battery test explosion-proof chambers CALT battery testing center. Sanwood Environmental simulation laboratory for lithium-ion batteries and modules has been started from the year of 2016, designing different kind of battery test chamber for recent generation battery for EV. Here is the view of CATL battery laboratory the whole floor designed for high and low explosion-proof

Hello 2021

Hello 2021! The 1st hiking and mountain climbing in a sunny day with our int'l sales and marketing team. Natural forest park is a great place to refresh ourselves with more clear mind to conquer our new challen

07 Jan

Merry Christmas

May the bright and festive glow of #Christmas candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying Christmas Day and wishing you a New Year that is happy in every way. B

25 Dec

Effect of accelerated aging test on electronic components

Apply high temperature, high humidity and a certain drive current to the optoelectronic device for accelerated aging test. According to the test results, it can be judged that the electronic components have functions and

23 Dec

Battery cell and module testing Custom-designed solutions

Sanwood is very pleased that a well-known domestic battery manufacturer has purchased a batch of battery test test chamber. This batch of equipment is to provide customers with Cell and module testing Custom-designed sol

22 Dec

Tesla will use Ningde era lithium ion battery testing

Tesla Mode l 3 will use CATL lithium ion battery testing? A few days ago, according to Reuters, Tesla and CATL had negotiated the use of cobalt-free batteries in Chinese-made cars, and the negotiations have now e

16 Sep

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