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     Temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in aerospace, aviation, battery, electronics, automotive and other industries, used to verify the performance of products. Before purchasing the test box, we need to determine our own requirements and choose the equipment according to the requirements. Many users always hesitate to buy the constant temperature and humidity test box, but also very confused
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    Battery Test Project In Israel In early January, our service team finished the in-site installation, setup and factory acceptance test in Israel. There are several units battery test chambers in this project, it covers the hot sale test machines made in Sanwood, include: Battery explosion proof temperature chamber-     The chambers are usually used to run the charge, discharge, forced discha
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      In recent years, fire accidents caused by lithium-ion batteries have occurred from time to time in pure electric vehicles. In April 2021, Tesla's Model S crashed into a tree and caught fire in North America. In August, Volkswagen's ID.3 spontaneously ignited after charging, and GM's Bolt EV also spontaneously ignited during charging. Lithium ion batteries used in electric v
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    The difference between a double-layer oven and a single-layer oven is: 1. Space. Generally, the space of a single-layer oven is small, and the scope of use has space limitations. The double-layer oven has a relatively large space and a relatively large selectivity. 2. Temperature. Because of the small space, the single-layer oven heats up quickly, so the temperature is generally lower than that of the double-la
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    The first point is to ensure the quality of the battery Regardless of battery products or other products, as far as all consumer products are concerned, the quality of the product is always the first priority, and the research and development of the battery pack test system is to ensure the quality of production. The battery test system can check the last pass of battery production, conduct comprehensive tests on

battery testing|The main classification of battery impact testing machine

Divide from the materials to be tested Metal testing machine: It is mainly used to test the impact performance of various metals, usually the impact energy is relatively large; Non-metallic testing machine: Test the

29 Nov

battery iec standard dust test chamber|Meet the IEC standard sand and dust test box use

The sand and dust test chamber is suitable for evaluating the tightness (dust tightness) of the test piece. In this test, the test piece is exposed to non-abrasive fine (talc or similar ore), and it is caused by cyclic c

29 Nov

Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber is suitable for lithium ion battery test standards

SANWOOD Technology designs, develops and provides high-quality Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber and battery test systems to ensure that your power supply can supply power under harsh and challenging conditi

12 Nov

Purpose of temperature shock test (thermal shock test)

The purpose of the thermal shock test is to find out product design and process defects through severe temperature changes that exceed the natural environment [temperature change rate is greater than 20°C/min, e

02 Nov

The 72th Anniversary of Founding of the People's Republic of China

The National Day of the People's Republic of China is celebrated every year on October 1.It is a public holiday in the People's Republic of China to celebrate their national day. The PRC was founded on October

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