Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System
Pneumatic Horizontal Shock
Test System

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System

Product description

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System is used to measure and determine the horizontal impact resistance of a product or package, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of the test unit in a horizontal impact environment. The system can perform conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, or square wave shock test to realize the shock energy that the product is subjected to in the actual environment, thereby improving the product or packaging structure.


  • Windows-based stable control system, full-automatic remote-control interface

  • Pneumatic cylinder driving with advantages of large driving force, short accelerating stroke, low cost and pollution free.

  • Trapezoidal guide posts: large supporting force, good lubricity and full-automatic positioning table.

  • Automatic control of shock speed: the shock overload value is achieved by adjusting the air pressure. After the cylinder pressure is set, system will automatically control the shock speed with high accuracy and good repeatability.

  • Adopts the high strength and hardness cast aluminum table, which has high first-order resonance frequency, featured with low noise and no clutter

  • The most reliable double-brake system: effectively avoids secondary rebound collisions, more securely positioning the table, and more reliably guarantees the safety of the operator.

  • Multiple waveforms: can perform conventional half-sine waves, post-peak sawtooth waves, or square waves.

  • Easy installation: the device comes with a base, due to short driving stroke of the pneumatic cylinder, the footprint is small.

  • Integrated control & measurement system: the system comes with a variety of waveform tolerance bands that comply with the MIL-810 standard, automatically generates test reports after the test is completed.

  • System scalability: the system can be designed as a bidirectional shock according to user needs, saving test time more effectively.

Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System



   Model SM03-50 SM03-100 SM03-200 SM03-500 SM03-1000 SM03-3000
Rated Load (kg) 50 100 200 500 1000 3000
Table Size (mm) 500×500 600×600 800×800 900×900 1000×1000 1500×1500
  Half-Sine 10~1k 10~1k 10~800 10~600 15~400 15~300
Peak Acc. (G) Post-Peak 10~200 10~100 10~50
  Trapeziod 15~100 15~100 15~50
Pulse Duration (ms) Half-Sine 1~40 1~40 2~40 3~40 6~60
Post-Peak 3~18 6~16 6~18
Trapeziod 6~18 6~16 6~12
Overall Dimension 3700×1200×850 4000×1200×850 4300×1440×850 4400×1540×850 4500×1640×850 5000×2150×1850
Weight (kg) 1500 1800 2500 3000 3500 5500
Power Supply AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Standard MIL-STD-810F       IEC68-2-27

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