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Sanwood Lithium-ion cells and modules testing chamber for battery plant

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Publish Time: 2021-01-15
Sanwood provided a series of customized battery test explosion-proof chambers CALT battery testing center.

Sanwood Environmental simulation laboratory for lithium-ion batteries and modules has been started from the year of 2016, designing different kind of battery test chamber for recent generation battery for EV. Here is the view of CATL battery laboratory the whole floor designed for high and low explosion-proof battery test chamber . The chamber SM-225-CC-FB almost covered all of the function Weiss type designed that accordance with Hazard level 1-7:

a) Pressure relief port ;

b) LED status indicating light ;

c) Nitrogen port to be equipped for the end user to connect the pipe to the nitrogen gas tank;

d) Rare gas detector and our rare gas detector can detect up to 30+ types of gas(including Oxygen, CO, H2, CH4 and etc.);

e) CO2 fire extinguishing system: we have the sensor to give the signal to the electromagnetic valve to control the spraying of the CO2 to kill fire once the sensor detected with any fire inside the chamber;

f) Explosion proof chains and electrical door lock : we equipped 2 pairs of explosion proof chains to keep the door always not blasting even if there is an explosion in order to protect the operators onsite;

g) Flushing port equipped: this port can be connected to the water spray system in the testing room;

h) Technical holes with silicon plug: we can custom design it with diameter from 50mm to 200mm and multiple holes are available based on the structure design.

i) We have dupont painting painted at all walls inside the chamber in order to make insulation from the stainless steel walls to the testing samples in case the testing samples need to be powered on, Weiss type doesn't have such painting;

j) We can equip with air ventilation system to exhaust the harmful gas and inlet fresh air which Weiss did not equip with this function;

k) We have extra temperature sensor equipped inside chamber to detect the surface temperature from the lithium-ion battery in order to monitor the actual value during the heating test which Weiss type doesn't have such function;


Battery Environmental Reliability Test Chambers can be used for safety testing for compliance with the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods needed for lithium-ion batteries.

Sanwood Clients of EV batteries :

AVL(UK/Austria/France)/Chroma/Store-Dot(Israel)/Nerve Smart Systems (Denmark)/Envision AESC(China)/BYD/CATL/SVOLT/SUNWODA/MICROVAST and etc.

Climatic test chamber specially ameliorate for battery/cell/battery core/battery pack test that simulating of high and low temperature conditions.Following the int'l standards such as IEC62133/IEC62660/IEC60086-4 /IEC61960 /UN38.3/UL2054/IEEE1625&1725.

SAMWOOD Power battery/Lithium battery test chambers offer the possibility to conduct temperature and humidity test in conditions similar to those a battery may encounter over its lifetime and safe.In addition to battery cell safety testing, SANWOOD also provides safety testing, test consulting and certification services for vehicle battery packs/modules, along with a comprehensive range of testing/certification services for compliance with UNECE Regulation R100.

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