Effect of accelerated aging test on electronic components


Effect of accelerated aging test on electronic components

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Publish Time: 2020-12-23
Apply high temperature, high humidity and a certain drive current to the optoelectronic device for accelerated aging test. According to the test results, it can be judged that the electronic components have functions and lost functions, as well as acceptance and rejection, and can adjust the working conditions of the optoelectronic components and analyze the reliability.

Accelerated aging test:
1. High temperature accelerated aging test: The most basic thing in the accelerated aging process is environmental stress type high temperature. During the experiment, the selected parameters should be monitored regularly until the degradation exceeds the end of life.

Constant temperature test:
The constant temperature test is similar to the high temperature operation test, and the number of constant temperature test samples and the number of allowed failures should be specified.

Temperature change test:
The high temperature accelerated aging test of changing temperature is to gradually increase the temperature in sequence (for example, 60℃, 85℃ and 100℃).


Temperature cycle test:
In addition to the temperature cycle for the optoelectronic components as an environmental stress test, the temperature cycle can also accelerate the aging of the tube electronic components. The purpose of the accelerated aging of the temperature cycle is generally not to cause the degradation of specific performance parameters, but to provide an additional explanation of the long-term mechanical stability of the optical path encapsulated in the component.


Frequency conversion vibration test:
To determine the impact of vibration on various components of optoelectronic devices within the standard frequency range.


It can be seen that it is very necessary to conduct accelerated aging tests on electronic components. It can detect the shortcomings of electronic components in the testing process and expose the shortcomings of the product in advance, thereby shortening the product development cycle and saving time.


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